Horace Mann Elementary School

Horace Mann Elementary School

San Jose, CA

The Horace Mann Elementary School located in the heart of San Jose, California is divided in five buildings, which consist of ground face concrete masonry unites of two colors with integrated cast stone and trim.

Architectural elements are coordinated to provide a statement of individuality in each of the five buildings. The school district made a wise choice in selecting concrete block masonry as the primary building wall material since the initial cost is competitive and the reduced life cycle costs are superior to other materials. The school will benefit due to the minimum maintenance costs required of the masonry, which will last for many years and age particularly well.

Horace Mann Elementary School
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San Jose Unified School District
San Jose, CA


BFGC Architects Planners, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Structural Engineer

Dasse Design
San Francisco, CA

General Contractor

Toenis Koetter & Breeding, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Mason Contractor

John Jackson Masonry
Sacramento, CA

Masonry Material Suppliers

Air Vol Block, Inc.
Architectural Facades Unlimited, Inc.

Square Feet of Masonry


Cost of Masonry


John Jackson Masonry 5691 Power Inn Road, Suite B Sacramento, CA 95824 P: 916-381-8021 F: 916-381-1202